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We are always OPEN for submissions.

We release each book in print, ebook, and audio formats, and we will ask that these rights be available when we contract your book. At a minimum, books must be approximately 30K words in length. We strongly prefer books around 60K-80K words, however longer works are also considered. Anything under 50K words can only be released in ebook and audio formats. We no longer accept short stories.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable; however please inform us immediately if your work is contracted elsewhere. Multiple submissions from a single author are also acceptable, though we ask that one novel is sent per email.

We only accept complete manuscripts in DOCX, DOC, or RTF electronic format. We do not accept queries or partial manuscripts submissions.

We do consider previously published works as long as they are currently out of print and you have the official release of rights from the previous publisher. We do not accept any fan-fiction based on the characters and/or a world under copyright and not in the public domain. This includes other books, TV shows, movies, radio programs, etc.


There is a simple two-step process to submit your manuscript.

  1. Fill out the submissions information form (click here)

  2. Upload your manuscript using the form below.

Other Information

Manuscript Formatting Guidelines:

  • Use a common font (i.e., Times New Roman) 12 point.
  • Single space your manuscript with 1" margins.
  • No tabs!
  • Make the first page a cover page and include your name, manuscript title, word count, and genre(s).
  • Use italics for italicized text. No bold or underlined text.
  • Scene breaks should be indicated by four asterisks **** on a single centered line, with a blank line above and below.
  • Please name the manuscript file LastNameFirstName_TitleofBook.rtf. This assists our editors with tracking your manuscript through the review process.
  • Most of our market is American. Please Americanize your spelling, formatting, and style.

Please name your manuscript file LastNameFirstName_TitleOfBook. This assists our editors with tracking your manuscript through the review process.

Approximate waiting time is currently 90 -- 120 days, although we aim for less. You are invited to send an inquiry about your submission status after that time. Please use the address inquiry@mundania.com.

Manuscript Check List

Here are some things to consider before you submit:

  • Always present your best work. Your manuscript should be as polished as you can possibly make it. Your cover email should give us the information we ask for, and nothing more.

  • Is this the first draft of your novel? If so, don't send it to us. You have one chance to make a good first impression. No one writes a perfect first draft--wait before sending, and make sure it's as good as it can be. Rewrite and edit a few times.

  • Is this your first novel? Everyone gets excited about his or her first novel. Most of the time, it's not going to be an author's best effort, however. Consider putting the first one aside for a while, write some more, then come back to it later.

  • Has someone other than you read your novel? If you're a first time writer, it's very important that you get feedback from other people experienced with writing who can be objective about your work. This doesn't include your mom, teacher, or BFF. Look for workshops, contests that give feedback, and critique groups.

  • Have you checked your book for things like: Head hopping (rapid point-of-view shifts), continuity errors (Fred's name changes to Sam halfway through the book, Julie's eyes are green, then brown, then green again) and other problems? We're looking for manuscripts with believable characters, interesting premises, crisp dialogue, and fast paced action. Your job is to entertain people! Technical skill is critical. Please also be sure to spellcheck your work and use proper grammar. We immediately reject work with excessive errors in the first few pages. Although we have a team of skilled editors on staff, their job is to help polish books, not correct mistakes the author should have fixed in the first place./li>
  • Have you followed the guidelines? Re-read our guidelines before submitting. We need submissions to follow the guidelines for ease of review; anything not following them will not be considered.