Mundania Press The newest books by Mundania Press en-en Of Quests And Kings by Robert Adams LOST IN TIME! It all began with a small group of people who were trapped in Bass Foster's twentieth-century American home during a terrible storm. Somehow, they were carried back through time and space to an alternate seventeenth-century England, a realm at war and ruled by the legendary King Arthur Tudor III. Bass, Krystal, and the rest had either adapted to their strange new home--or died in the attempt. And now, Bass, a Duke of the Realm, and one of the king's most valued commanders, has... of Heaven Vol†1 by Brenna Lyons We've talked about them for millennia. The Sons of Heaven came to Earth and lay with the Daughters of Man, spawning the heroes of old. They have been called angels. They have been called demons, the fallen, the devil... Somewhere behind the myths, there were men, winged men who came from the stars and took simple human women as mate. It is time for modern humans to discover who and what the Sons of Heaven were. When Jannie goes down the line into the deeper caverns in search of artifacts...†1The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland by Robert Adams TIME TRAP! Drawn through a hole in time and space, twentieth-century American Bass Foster finds himself hailed as a noble warrior and chosen to command--first on land and then at sea--the armies fighting to preserve King Arthur III and his realm against the Church-led forces determined to place Arthur's nephew on the throne of England. But Bass is not the only traveler in time. And though the mysterious force which has exiled him to this land of knights in shining armor has brought other... in Time by Robert Adams A WHIRLWIND IN TIME It was a storm to end all storms, and when it was over Sebastian Foster and his five unexpected house guests--all refugees from the fury of the wind and rain--should have been happy just to be alive. But when the clouds finally cleared, the world outside Bass's home was no longer the twentieth-century America they all knew. Instead, through some bizarre twist in time, the six of them had ended up in England's past. But it was a past that never existed in any history book, a... Adoption Conspiracy by J.E. Sayles You are invited into a world of madness, inside the gates of a home known as Brookledge Manor.  Within its locked doors lies the world of a high-society family with many secrets. Father is the all-powerful godhead; Mother the society matron, ever-concerned about protecting the familyís image, which young Raven Brookledge senses has already been tarnished--and that she is somehow to blame.  Why else would she be kept much like a prisoner, hidden from the world beyond? Lorna is the... Clan of the Cats by Robert Adams Battle to the Death! When Milo Morai, the Undying High Lord, and his Horseclans warriors found the tower ruins, they welcomed it as the perfect citadel from which to hold off the packs of ravenous wolves eager for their blood. But the ancient building hid a secret far more dangerous than either wolves or any human foe, for in its depths waited The Hunter--the penultimate product of genetic experimentation gone wild, one of the few descendants of a powerful breed that had long outlasted its... Opus by Mychael Black A Dark Performance: Spurned by the only person he ever loved, Hunter is the perfect image of a tortured artist. A sorcerer moonlighting as a singer, he uses his magical arts to tantalize the audience during his bandís performances. His preferred method? A sphere that drifts above the crowd, a beacon that calls out for someone--anyone--who will understand him. On one particular night, Hunter finally receives an answer. Novel Visions: Jonathon Cayle is a horror novelist visiting New Orleans for...'s Bar And Grille by Don Callander Abel Crochet, a warlock whose beloved witch-wife had poofed, was forced by the Martian Witches and Wizards Guild delegation to give up magic due to his terrible luck of destroying the things he tried to a whole planets' ecology. Even the great canals dried up! The Planet Hepzibah was home to witches, warlocks, ghosts, goblins, demons, poltergeists, necromancers, banshees, nightwalkers, and...well, you get the idea. Trying to start a new life on Hepzibah, Abel bought the closed down,...'s+Bar+And+GrilleWoman In Chains by Bridget Midway Former BDSM Dom, Dakota "Dak" Ricci is a part of a BDSM group called S.A.F.E., which means Security Away From Extremists. The group concentrates on saving abused slaves and submissives from their Doms and Dommes. After an emotional save, he decides that that's it. However, his friend and fellow Dom has another plan for him. He wants Dak to do one last save. Brea Oliphant pushes her Dom to the limit to get the abuse she thinks she deserves. When a Domme sees what she perceives as abuse during a...'s Army by Robert Adams When Milo's confederation forces defeated the army of the tyrannical King Zastros, the High Lord offered a peace settlement his defeated foes could scarce believe, welcoming them as full members of the newly formed Confederation of Easter Peoples... Milo hoped to see the decimated kingdom rapidly reorganized into a thriving realm. but neither he nor any of his allies had bargained for the evil hidden within the very heart of the land's new government... ...'s+Army