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  • Orn
  • Piers Anthony
    The trio of scientists had been ordered to survey the planet's flora, fauna and mineral resources, and from the very beginning of their mission everything they observed led to one startling conclusion—the mysterious world was virtually identical with the Earth of the Paleocene period, 70,000,000 years ago at the very dawn of the age of...
  • President Or Playboy
  • Temple Madison
    His days were filled with executive decisions, but his nights were filled with hot sex, whispered obscenities, and orgasms that flooded his soul! Around every corner were women who wanted a taste of his ten-inch power, and our lusty president was only too happy to give it to them. What he didn't know was, while he was fucking the hell out...
  • Dancing in the Dark
  • Gracie C. McKeever
    A spoiled rich debutante is seriously injured in a reckless motorcycle accident. Will she get rid of the chip on her shoulder and stop wallowing in self-pity long enough to let her physical therapist rehabilitate her? Can her physical therapist leave behind a disreputable past riddled with addictions and betrayal long enough to let his...
  • Dark Side of Paradise
  • Connie Crow
    A beautiful woman with an aching heart, a handsome bachelor with a severe money problem and $6 million missing. A perfect recipe for an adventure in Paradise--Hawaii to be exact. When auditor Meg Morton, comes to Hawaii to track down missing money, she finds much more than she bargains for -- her own hidden past, a suave Foundation...
  • David's Promise
  • Polly Bolack
    After a brief, but highly successful law career, David Stone is struggling to discard his privileged lifestyle and answer an undeniable call to the ministry. He arrives in Gulfpass, a small town on Florida's West Coast, fervently intent to become everything he believes a minister should be--perfectly devout and morally perfect. Repentant of his...
  • Dere's Demons
  • Tara Manderino
    When Jane was no longer able to provide for her sisters after her brother, Collin, lost their home in a game of chance, she was forced to turn to Lord Derrington for help – the very man who once wagered against him. If Nigel hadn’t started the idiotic Dere’s Demons, Brayden wouldn’t now have to worry about a missing artifact, Collin...
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • Jane Bierce
    Image consultant Penny Birch is hired to coach Miles Jacobs so he can represent Jacobs Brothers Camping Supplies Company at a series of trade shows. First, she has to find him. Miles resents any interruption in his development of breakthrough camping equipment, made even worse by his brother Hal's apparent lack of faith in him....
  • Dissent In Real Time
  • Cathy McCarthy
    In a society where names have been replaced with Unique Identifiers (UI's) and people are known by what function they fulfill and their level of access to personal information, Thirty-Eleven Journalist, Level 0 is mysteriously assigned the name "Belizaire" by the national computer system. This event heralds the beginning of a series of...
  • Divided Loyalties
  • Vikk Simmons
    Before John Higheagle came into her life, sixteen year old Trisha Braedon thought she had it all under control: school, her college scholarship, and her parents divorce. But the gentle, charming newcomer, with his environmental causes and crusading spirit, isn't like anyone Trisha had ever known. Their instant attraction to each other...
  • Double Dare
  • Elaine Hopper
    Single, expectant mother Heather Dare is doing just fine on her own until her mother, Senator Darlene Dare discovers her daughter's condition. Hysteria reigns as the Senator, on the campaign trail, starts having chest pains. The press are right on her trail. When Heather's sexy neighbor Jake West barges into her apartment in the middle of...
  • Dulsey
  • Mary Martin Benton
    The year is 1860 and seventeen-year-old Dulsey Carpenter has helped her disabled father care for their central Tennessee farm since she was seven. A neighboring land owner, Edward Richards, is drawn to Dulsey and expresses his wish to marry her. Dulsey refuses and soon discovers that Edward is a man who will stop at nothing to gain what he...
  • Echoes in the Dark
  • DL Rogers
    Disinherited by his parents in an effort to force him to give up the woman he loves who is from a different social status, Adam loses his "umbrella" of college, is drafted and winds up in Vietnam. There he learns many valuable lessons about life and death, friendship and survival. Injured at Khe Sanh, he returns home and must learn to...