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Trust in Love

Frontier schoolmarm, Eliza Scoggins, is willing to give her life to protect her students during an Indian attack. An overly sympathetic angel is so touched by her sacrifice that he removes the arrows from her body and whisks her to a modern hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. Eliza awakens in a strange new world where no one believes her story. The angel prompts her to pretend she has amnesia. Conscientious police detective, Jeff Palmer, is sent to investigate the stabbing of a woman dressed in a period costume and left at the emergency room door. She claims to have amnesia, but he can find no clues to her identity. He tries to help her build a new life by introducing her to his sister and a possible career as a fashion model, but even as his feelings for her grow, Jeff suspects the silver-haired beauty is hiding a dark secret from her past.

A Hard Shell Word Factory Release

Sarah Winn

Sarah Winn was born in Kansas. She resided for a time in both Hawaii and California but is now firmly settled in her adopted native state of North Carolina. After a thirty-year career in scientific research, she became a full-time writer of romance fiction.

To date, she has published three historical novels, one of which won the Eppie as the best historical romance of 2003. Another published romance is a time/travel with a contemporary setting. In the midst of doing research for historicals, it dawned on her that she could take advantage of her education and working experience in the sciences by writing a science fiction romance. Of course, there's a lot of difference between food science and space travel, so she still had to research.

Sarah found that combining science fiction and romance provides unique opportunities for exploring the development of loving relationships. By creating new worlds, she could change human characteristics in ways that emphasize the adjustments needed when two people fall in love and seek to combine their lives.

She also found other fun things to do in science fiction, such as calling on her food science background to create unique food for the inhabitants of her fictional planet.


"I was incredibly impressed with the way Sarah Winn made me put myself in Eliza's position and see the world of today. We drive too fast, clothe ourselves in very little, and have very promiscuous relationships! It's funny how many things have changed in just a short time. Pretty interesting when you see it from Eliza's point of view. Ms. Winn has created a heartwarming character in Eliza Scoggins and as a reader you can't help but fall in love with Jeff Palmer at the same time as Eliza. And I loved the character, Mortimer, a guardian angel that breaks the rules to see one woman find happiness. This book comes highly recommended from me."

Melissa M. Curran -- Scribes World Reviews

"...this book was a fun read. Watching Eliza encounter everyday articles for the first time was a real treat. Her childlike wonder over ice cream and television was delightfully well done. The romance between Eliza and Jeff grew at a pace that didn't seem abnormally fast, yet was evident from the first time they met. The side story of Jeff's fashion model sister Marge and her photographer boyfriend Ken was a sweet plot thread, and the other supporting cast members were also nicely written. The occasional glimpses of the over-protective guardian angel were especially enjoyable. This book moves at a good pace, with well-defined characters, believable plot and a love story to envy."

RIE -- Loves Romances

"TRUST IN LOVE is a good, solid time travel story. Eliza is convincing in her reactions to the modern world and the growing affection between she and Jeff is heartwarming to watch. I especially liked Mortimer, the fallible guardian angel whose eagerness began Eliza's unusual journey. The ending is sweet, appropriate to the story, although the name change bit felt overdone. But that's a small, small detail, and easily overlooked when the rest of this novel is considered. TRUST IN LOVE is highly entertaining, and Sarah Winn has done an excellent job of bringing the past into the present. Top Pick rose"

Kay James -- Romance Reader at Heart

4 blue ribbons!

"In this wonderful book, TRUST IN LOVE by Sarah Winn, a fascinating story is told of a woman that is transported forward in time. It is an emotionally stirring tale of her struggle to find her place in a world that is unlike anything she has ever known. Filled with many great characters, this highly imaginative story is told in a believable manner that I found quite captivating. The ups and downs of their relationship kept me guessing if they were going to be together in the end. It is these strong emotions that are conveyed throughout the story that make TRUST IN LOVE by Sarah Winn so enjoyable and a book I'd recommend to others."

Anita -- Romance Junkies

Chapter One

"OPEN YOUR EYES. You should be awake by now."

Eliza didn't recognize the voice. What was a strange woman doing in her bedroom? Wait. She wasn't in her bedroom. She was in the schoolhouse and the Indians were… Eliza opened her eyes, saw two, long tubes of white light over her head, and snapped her eyes closed again.

"I saw you open those eyes. Come on, do it again," the voice coaxed.

Eliza looked to see who was talking. She didn't know the woman looking down at her, a woman dressed in formless clothes that were a soft shade of green. Although Eliza's vision was somewhat blurred, she could see other women in similar clothing walking among narrow beds.

"Do you know where you are?" the woman above her asked.

Eliza again looked at the strange non-flickering light in the ceiling. She'd never seen such bright light. Surely such a thing could only occur in heaven.

Somebody on a nearby bed moaned. At the same time Eliza became aware of the burning sensations in her back and thigh. She'd always thought there would be no pain in heaven. Perhaps it took time to recover from whatever killed you.

"Look at me." The woman gently placed her hand on Eliza's cheek and turned her head until their gazes met. "What is your name?"

Her mouth was so dry that she found it hard to speak. "Eliza."

The woman looked at a piece of board with papers attached to one side of it. "This is no help. You're entered as a ‘Jane Doe'," she muttered.

"Look at the clock." The woman pointed to a large clock face mounted on the wall across the room. "Can you tell me what time it is?"

Eliza stared at the clock. The numbers and the hour and minute hands looked like an ordinary clock, but there was a third, narrow hand making rapid circles around the face. "It has three hands," she murmured.

The woman glanced back at the clock and nodded. "Yes, it does. I guess you're awake enough." She called over her shoulder, "Manuel, this one's ready to go to her room."

A young man with coal black hair came toward her with a rhythmic gait. He took the board with papers from the woman, looked at it for a moment, and then slid it under the pad beneath Eliza's head. "Okay, Janie baby, let's go for a ride," he said and started pushing her bed.

"Watch the IV," the woman called after them.

"Yeah, yeah," he muttered.

Eliza noticed a dark red bag hanging from a metal rod attached to the side of her bed. A little tube came out of the bottom of the bag and ran down to her arm. She tried to get a better look but found it impossible to raise her head or her arm.

Double doors miraculously swished open by themselves and the bed picked up speed as it moved down a long hallway. More of those strange lights flashed over her head and other strangely dressed people passed by.

This wasn't what Eliza had expected heaven to be like. The angels should have wings.

More doors opened and they entered a small, windowless room. People crowded around Eliza. Some of them stared at her, a plump woman smiled. The room began to move; it was falling downward. Eliza gasped.

The young man touched her shoulder. "It's okay. We're just going downstairs."

Why were they going down? She had been good.

The room stopped moving and the doors opened. "Coming out," the young man called.

They moved down another hallway. Eliza saw rooms on either side with people lying in beds. Were all these people sick like her?

They stopped in front of a long counter. A woman came and pulled the board from under Eliza's head.

"She goes in 306. I'll help you move her."

"You better get somebody else," the young man said. "She's a long one."