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The Saint's Bones

The Saint's Bones is the story of a group of freshmen who enroll at St. Adalbert's High School and soon find that they are blessed with supernatural powers.

What's more, some of their teachers have similar powers and were members of prior Gangs. The teachers take on the tasks of developing the Gang's powers and instructing them on the purpose of their gifts: to do good.

The Saint's Bones tells the story of how the Gang tries to juggle classes, sports, skirmishes with upperclassmen, and growing up, while battling otherworldly beings who desire to take over the school and, ultimately, the world.

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Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards practices law, coaches soccer and basketball, sings in his church’s choir, and lives, with his wife and five children, in his hometown somewhere near Grand Pointe, Michigan. But that is not what he planned. Twenty-five years ago, he wanted to become a writer. His father, however, encouraged him to enter law school to give him something to "fall back on" if writing didn't "pay the bills." Mark followed his father’s advice, enrolled in law school, earned two legal degrees, and had a successful career. He argued and won many nationally published cases, and became a partner in one of the top firms in the Midwest—but he never gave up his dream of writing.

Several years ago, Mark Edwards’ father, while lying in a hospital bed after a multiple bypass operation, breathing and eating through tubes, asked his son if he regretted not having become a writer. The elder Mr. Edwards then told his son that he too had once dreamed of writing...and he encouraged Mark not to give up that dream.

At about the same time, Mark was helping his wife raise five book-devouring children. Each of them was a voracious reader. Mark's wife was having a hard time keeping up with their appetite for reading. Even frequent trips to the library, during which she sometimes checked out more than fifty books, weren’t enough to satisfy her kids. Most amazing to Mark and his wife was the effect that good series had on their children. They celebrated publication dates for the next Artemis Fowl or Harry Potter like birthdays. They advance-ordered each book in the Series of Unfortunate Events at least two months before its issuance. They collected and swapped Goosebumps and Animorphs' volumes like trading cards. They willingly waited for five other people on the library's list to finish, just to get a chance to read another Redwall story.

Mark hatched an idea. Tired of seeing video games and electronic toys under the Christmas tree, he decided to give his children something special—a book—that he would write. What’s more, he planned to author a series for them.

The idea for the characters in The Gang series had germinated in Mark’s mind for many years. Over the next few months, he roughly outlined the series, put together a tighter outline of the first book, and began The Saint's Bones. For the following two years, mostly between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m., he wrote the story. Then, one Christmas Day, he surprised each of his children with a complete draft of the book, bound in white stock, with a simple black and white photograph on the cover. The kids loved it. They began to circulate copies among their friends and cousins. Their friends and cousins raved about it. Word of the book spread. Requests for the book, and for the next volume in the series, poured in. Mark and his wife decided it was time to bring The Gang to the public


5.0 out of 5 stars

Outstanding! I read this book on a recommendation from a friend, but I wasn't sure what to expect. What I found was a book I couldn't put down. Somehow Edwards makes ordinary characters so vivid you would swear you have met them, and fantasy characters so real you can forget it is fiction. Some of the situations are so humorous, I was laughing out loud with tears coming down my face. This book is more than a kids novel. In fact, it is the first book my wife and I have fought over who gets to read the next chapter first. Well worth a second copy. It's really that good!

Stephen Willison -- Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars

Surprised even an old teacher! The Saint's Bones was such a great read, I tentatively recommended it to my oh-so-sophisticated freshman who read it cover-to-cover overnight! He is currently using it for a comic strip book report in his class, so I'm sure it will be making the rounds. I found the visual descriptions so vivid, I had to put it down once in awhile to catch my breath!

S. L. Hill -- Amazon Reviews

4 Books! A Must Read!

Fans of the Harry Potter Series, The Three Investigators: Alfred Hitchcock Series, and Madeline L'Engle's, A Wrinkle In Time, grab your pens now and add The Saint's Bones, to your reading list now! (The Saint's Bones is book one of THE GANG series.)

"The Gang," headed by brainy freshman Leonard Reasoner, is comprised of average teens with extraordinary abilities, and unlike my high school years; their challenges include battling zombies and running from an age old evil out to murder them as they come to grips with their growing psychic abilities; Sister Providence, the principal--and midterms. Creative, witty dialogue peppered thoroughout the novel accelerates the story line and clarifies world building details, while enhancing the believability of, The Gang's, woes and reactions to rapidly changing and challenging events.

While I may not be as psychic as The Gang's youngest member Noah, my sixth sense tells me that The Saint's Bones is going to be an award winner. Author Mark Edwards, has created an engaging literary work that clearly ranks him among the upper echelon of young adult authors in history. His smooth, flawless, and classic writing style; convincing, likable characters, and keen knowledge about teen life, had me enthralled and positively convinced that I was back in high school right along side the young men and women of the fictional St. Adalbert's Catholic High School.

The Saint's Bones is an expertly woven and incredibly captivating paranormal tale that has the potential to usurp Rowling's place on both, young adult, and adult, book shelves everywhere. The Saint's Bones is a refreshing break from tired, formula fiction and is a Must Read for; mystery, sci-fi, paranormal fiction and fiction fans ages young adult and up.

Kate St. Amour -- BookReview.com
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