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The Newfie Ghost

Lissa meets trouble head-on when she travels from her home in New Jersey to a lighthouse in Newfoundland for a reunion with her estranged father, Wolf, who is the lighthousekeeper on the tiny island of Baccalieu. As she puts some of the ghosts to rest from her parents' divorce, she encounters the real-life ghost of Alice Baldwin, a girl who died on the island 60 years ago. With the help of her new-found friend Patrick, as well as some assistance from a spirit guide, Lissa sets out to discover more about Alice and what she wants. With clues from the lighthouse log books and Alice's old diary, Lissa learns of a terrible storm that engulfed the island when Alice was there alone. Lissa understands Alice's confusion and anger at feeling abandoned by her father, because she has had to deal with those feelings in her own life. But Alice takes advantage of Lissa's sympathy. Before long, the ghost is trying to run Lissa's life, and she finds herself teetering on the edge of a cliff without knowing how she got there. Can she put Alice to rest before it's too late?

A Hard Shell Word Factory Release

Liz Hill

    Liz Hill and Anne Wolfe have been collaborating over 2,500 miles for more than ten years. While burning up the phone and data lines between Colorado and New Jersey, they managed to publish young adult mysteries under the pseudonym Hillary Wolfe, including Dead Asleep, the first in their Great Swamp series. The series continues here with Hard Shell titles Web of Death and Raven's Blood. For readers who enjoy a good ghost story, Hard Shell also offers their first young adult mystery, The Newfie Ghost. 
     Liz Hill has published short stories and feature articles in magazines, newspapers, and trade journals. A native New Yorker, she now lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband. When she's not writing novels or hiking in the Rockies, she works as a technical communicator. Anne Wolfe is the author of WINGS OF LOVE (Bantam Book's Sweet Dreams series), and OVERNIGHT-MARE, and FOREST OF FEAR (Baronet Books' Fright Time series). She works as a technical writer for a large telecommuncations company on the East Coast. A die-hard Jersey girl, she lives in a ranch in the woods with her husband and daughter.

Anne Wolfe

Anne Wolfe is the author of WINGS OF LOVE (Bantam Book's Sweet Dreams series), and OVERNIGHT-MARE, and FOREST OF FEAR (Baronet Books' Fright Time series). She works as a technical writer for a large telecommuncations company on the East Coast. A die-hard Jersey girl, she lives in a ranch in the woods with her husband and daughter.


4 Stars

"To me, there are two types of mysteries: those with detailed accounts of blood and guts and those without. Lucky for me, this book is in the latter category. The story is clean, easy to follow, and still can put you on the edge of your seat. Even though I'm not a young adult (and haven't been for a while!), I like the way the authors depict Lissa: confused by her long-absent father, somewhat excited about her vacation, smitten with Patrick, and curious about the spirit that haunts her. The Newfie Ghost is a book that can appeal to various ages of readers - try it and see!"

Sally Habib -- Simegen Reviews

Chapter 1

"WATCH THE candle."

Heather turned out the last overhead lightbulb in her attic, leaving the two of us in the dark. I was a bit nervous -- not scared, exactly, just a little nervous. Heather was into her "gypsy" phase these days, so she was acting sort of crazy. But I wanted to see the cards.

Tonight she wore a flowery green and orange kimono, probably from the second hand thrift store where she buys most of her clothes. Her large, silver crescent earring reflected the candlelight. She looked like one of those gypsy ladies on the boardwalk, the ones that sit behind beaded curtains and tell fortunes all day.

"Keep watching, Lissa," she said. "The candle will help you clear your mind."

I wasn't sure what I was clearing it for, but I tried. Heather had been telling me the latest news from Ethan, her "spirit guide" who gives her advice from the "other side." Ethan's dead, but he appears in her mind and tells her things, she says. I know it sounds weird, but when you're Heather's friend, you learn to expect the unexpected.

When I first met Heather three years ago during her "ecology" phase, her room was filled with rocks and fossils and there were pictures of white seals and whales everywhere. She lectured me about the "greenhouse effect" and ate yogurt all the time. Then she moved on to her "equine" phase, and decided to zero in on horses. She bought posters, books, T-shirts, and videotapes of horses jumping, which she played while we did our homework together.

As a result of Heather's many phases, I've learned a lot about nature, horses, and other things. But this year, when Heather started reading up on New Age stuff, I learned the most outrageous things about healing crystals, meditation, and the spirit world. That's when she introduced me to some sort of ghost that she said was called "Ethan," her spirit guide.

"Ethan says we're ready to begin," Heather announced. As if the candle and the news from beyond weren't spooky enough, all of a sudden she whipped out a deck of tarot cards and announced that she was going to do a "reading" for me to tell my fortune. This stuff was new to me. I'd never seen tarot cards before. Bathed in the candlelight, their brilliant colors danced mysteriously, luring me in. I couldn't help staring at them as I knelt in the dusty attic, massaging my achey knees and blinking my eyes to stay focused on the candle.

Heather snapped down the first two cards from the tarot deck.

"Turn that one over."

I picked up the card on my left. It felt thick, heavier than a regular card. A smiling woman with a spiked yellow crown and red sash gazed up at me, holding a small globe in her arms.

"Let me see it."

I turned it around so Heather could see.

"What does it mean, Heather?"

"That's the High Priestess." Heather's green eyes glowed in the candlelight.

"High Priestess?"

"Uh huh. It means you're going to travel."

"Ooooh. Let me try another card." I could really get into this. Wouldn't it be nice to know that something exciting was finally going to happen in my life?

"Okay. The King of Cups... A dark-haired man will enter your life." Heather closed her eyes and swayed a little. "Ethan tells me you will find closeness with this man. But not necessarily a romance."

"That figures," I said, but Heather didn't hear me. She opened her eyes wide, as if she was in a trance and had been hypnotized.

"Heather, stop it. You're scaring me." She looked so weird. She quickly shook her head and blinked about half a million times.

"Oh, sorry... sorry. Try another card."

Maybe I should have said no, but I was hooked. I turned the card over. "I don't think I like this one," I said, hearing my voice start to shake. The card showed a dark, hooded figure in a boat, holding a long cane with a skull on the top. Beneath the boat the word "DEATH" was printed in large letters.

"Well, you don't have to ask old Ethan about that one," I said. I stood up and brushed the dust from my shaky knees. "I know bad news when I see it." I snapped on the lightbulb.

Heather just sat and frowned at the card, tugging at her earring. I went straight home. Even though I was a little rattled by that Death card, I have to admit I didn't think much about it. I mean, Heather took Ethan very seriously, but I found the whole business a little hard to swallow sometimes. The funny thing was, Heather turned out to be right. I did go on a trip....