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The Angelic Prophecy

Michael Modesto, a hard-living rock star, in a vision is given extraordinary healing powers and is told: "I am the Word and you are My messenger."

But he is not told the message, only to "Beware the Antichrist."

Torn by doubt because he is not worthy of being God's messenger, and plagued by guilt because he does not want the responsibility, but knowing that the only way he can return to his old decadent life is to discover and deliver the "message," Michael reluctantly takes on the role of healer and evangelist.

His quest is complicated when he falls in love, and even more so when the Antichrist sets out to destroy him before he can deliver his prophetic message.

Still fighting doubts—and fear—Michael's quest leads him to a showdown with the Antichrist and a surprising fulfillment of his Angelic Prophesy.

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Robert L. Hecker

Robert L. Hecker was born in Provo, Utah but grew up in Long Beach, CA. Graduating from high school just as the US entered WWII. Enlisting in the Army Air Corps, he flew B-17s in thirty missions over Europe, earning five Air Medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

After the war he began writing radio and TV dramas, then moved on to writing and producing more than 500 documentary, educational and marketing films on subjects ranging from military and astronaut training, nuclear physics, aeronautics, the education of Eskimos and Native Americans, psychology, lasers, radars, satellites and submarines. His short stories and articles have been published in numerous magazines, and he is currently working on several movie screenplays as well as other novels.

A graduate of the Pasadena Playhouse School of Theater and the Westlake College of Music, recently Robert has begun song writing and has songs in country, gospel and big-band albums. His wife, the former Frances Kavanaugh, a legendary screenwriter of westerns, has a permanent exhibit in the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. They have two children and four grandchildren. And he still is a pretty fair tennis player.

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Hope exploded.

Out of the vast depths of liquid darkness, a pinprick of light. He fought the fear, willing himself to move, to seek the light.

Hopeless. He had no strength to move, no sensations beyond the fear. But the light, somehow, grew brighter, larger, moving toward him, and he fought to rip a prayer out of the dark caldron of horror.

The light responded, grew larger, brighter, cleaved through the darkness with a sword of fire held by a figure of light. The sword swung in a fiery arc, rending the darkness, destroying the fear, driving it into the vastness with rays of hope. And the figure of light looked at Michael with a gaze of such humility and compassion that Michael wanted to flow into its world. He reached with his hand, reached to touch the figure that he knew was eternal life, and the figure lifted the mighty sword and placed the handle in the hand of Michael.

The figure began to recede and Michael tried desperately to call, tried to tell the figure not to leave him, not to let the awful fear return. But he had the sword, the sword of fire, and when the fear surged back, he swung the blade and was no longer afraid. Holding the fiery blade before him, clutching the handle with both hands, he strode into the darkness.