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Talismen: The Knightmare Knife

Colin Sinclair, Reggie Sinclair, Ollie Steele, and Timmy Shannon have never had a dream in their lives, but on their twelfth birthday they share the same nightmare about a vicious dragon and a mysterious orange-haired girl.

The next day strange things begin happening to the boys. Monsters appear in school water fountains. A hellhound prowls city streets. And a green man dressed in gold stalks the boys. Danger is suddenly everywhere and it is closing in all around them. Fast.

Talismen: The Knightmare Knife is the first in a series of illustrated Young Adult fantasy adventures that follows Colin, Reggie, Ollie and Timmy -- four boys from Earth -- as they discover they are exiles from the Plain of Imaginings, the land where all dreams and nightmares come from. With the help of a dream warrior name Pratt and his young daughter Jennifer, the four exiles must find their talisman, magical objects that can protect the exiles from the green man, who has a dark and secret need for vengeance. Pratt and Jennifer also hope to guide the boys to a great destiny IF they can master their talismans. For instance, Colin must master a knife that assaults his mind with nightmarish images each time he draws it. Images that include the recent murder of Colins father by a mugger with a knife.

With beautiful illustrations by co-creator and co-plotter Barb Jacobs, Talismen: The Knightmare Knife is a fantasy for people of all ages who are young in heart and ready for action!

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Steven Philip Jones

Steven Jones, a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, lives with his family in eastern Iowa. He is the author of the novel, The Bushwhackers, the novella "The Sceptre," and several graphic stories and adaptations, including Nightlinger, Tatters, Dracula, and The Adventure of the Opera Ghost. His editing credits include the paperback anthology Herbert West: Tales of the Re-Animator. Jones has a B.A. in religion and journalism from the University of Iowa, and was accepted into Iowa's prestigious Writers' Workshop MFA program. He is also the author of a King of Harlem prequel novella, "The Curse of Wrigley Field."

"American by birth, Husker by the grace of God"
I was born in Lincoln, NE, in 1960. (I'm OLD, ain't I?)

"How 'bout them Hawks"
I have lived most of my life in Iowa, and am a graduate of the University of Iowa where I earned my B.A. in journalism and religion.

"Vtm vs"
I was a token Anglo-Swede growing up in an ethnic neighborhood of Cedar Rapids called Czech Village.

"Wait for the red light"
I was named captain of Hayes Elementary Safety Patrol in 6th grade. It has all been downhill ever since.

"I know what I want to be when I grow up"
I decided I wanted to be a writer at age nine while writing my first mystery "novel," an anthology of one-page mysteries called The Cases of Ace.

"Hey, kid! Wanna buy a comic?"
I started collecting comic books at age 15. I began trying to break into the comics industry as a writer when I was 18. I finally sold my first comics series, Street Heroes 2005, in 1987 to Malibu Graphics.

"Charity begins in the haunted home"
Between 1976-1982, I designed, aided the construction, or assisted in the operation of Haunted Houses for the March of Dimes and Muscular Dystrophy in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. Estimated amount raised: over $100,000.

"Behind every good man"
I married my wife in 1990.

"Where did you come from, eh?"
My daughter was born in 1994.

"If at first you don't succeed..."
I finally sold my first novel in October 2003: THE BUSHWHACKERS, a western, will be available from Avalon Books in August 2004.


"A beautifully drawn fantasy with a cool contemporary twist."


"An engaging and entertaining tale. Harkens back to the glory days of ELFQUEST."


"Well-developed characters...great intrigue..."


"Jones and Jacobs are sitting on a bomb of appeal that's just ready to explode"

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