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Shadow Hunt

She's a master thief as elusive as her name whose dagger is as sharp as her eyes and wits. Where there's a rich merchant to rob, good food and wine to be had, or a lusty fellow to kiss ... there's Shadow.

What do the Guild of Thieves, the deadliest assassin in Allanmere, a long-vanished mage, a treacherous swamp, and a gem missing from a temple have in common? Shadow, of course. When Shadow is accused of a theft of guild-wrecking proportions, she forms an unlikely alliance with the strange immortal creature known only as Blade to find out who has framed her and the Guild of Thieves for the theft—and why.

Deadly Companion

When Shadow has to recover a stolen jewel from the wizard Baloran, her journey is as perilous as her destination. For only Blade can guide Shadow to the sorcerer's lair ... and Blade is an assassin who takes a life as easily as she takes a breath.

Shadow's score with Baloran can end only in destruction. But in the final battle, will Blade be at Shadow's side—or in her way?

Book 2 of the Shadow series

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Anne Logston

Anne Logston: An Icon of the Creative Universe—A Master of Science Fiction and Fantasy Quill—Paver of Past, Present, and Future. Each of best-selling author Anne Logston's books have their own story, but can all be described as all highly character-driven with a lot of action. Her characters, especially Shadow, often have a touch of whimsy and sly humor. While still maintaining a light touch, she talks about the consequences of racism, defining your own identity, and what happens when magic becomes mixed up in everyday lives.

"I was born February 15, 1962 in Indianapolis, Indiana and grew up there and in the country in southern Indiana. I started to write fiction as soon as I could put intelligible words on paper. I quickly learned to type so I could put intelligible and LEGIBLE words on paper. I graduated from the University of Indianapolis in 1984 with an Associate's degree in computer sciences, for which I had no talent, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature, for which I had no practical use.

"After college, I spent six years masquerading by day as a bad-tempered but sane legal secretary, then coming home at night to assume my secret identity as a bad-tempered and mildly demented writer. After significant bootsole-to-buttocks encouragement from my best friend, Mary Bischoff, I reluctantly sent off my first manuscript and was blessed with a remarkably short search for a publisher. My first novel, SHADOW, saw print in 1991, and two years later I abandoned my "normal" life and descended completely into fantasy.

"I have a remarkably patient husband, Paul, who supplies the sanity in our marriage. Together we are owned by three cats, two dogs, and one snake. In my infrequent leisure time, I like to grow and/or cook strange and spicy things, and I am an avid collector of anything about vampires."

Chronological Order of the Shadow Series

Greendaughter (Prequel—Book 6)
Wild Blood (Prequel—Book 7)
Shadow (Book 1)
Shadow Hunt (Book 2)
Shadow Dance (Book 3)
Dagger's Edge (Sequel—Book 4)
Dagger's Point (Sequel—Book 5)


4.0 out of 5 stars More of the same

If you enjoyed the first book then you should enjoy this one. Simple, eh? Shadow is a oversexed, hard drinking, hard fighting, short Elf who likes to steal things from people. Valuable things. And now she is, once again, in trouble. It seems a very powerful Mage is trying to pin a crime on her. And she has no idea why! No, really, she hasn't a clue. So of course she has to go find out. But she may need some backup.

Michael Valdivielso -- Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars great book

I always loved this book and all the author's other stories. I wish she had written more books. Her characters are approachable and yet appropriately foreign. The land is just obscure enough to not be ours but yet relatable enough to make it viable. I love her humor and her characterization.

LibKat "book goddess" -- Amazon Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars This is a terrific adventure story

"Shadow Hunt" is one of eleven books by Anne Logston. It is the second book in a seven-book series. The first book is "Shadow." Shadow, a small Elf in a world where most Elves are taller than humans, is the mistress of the Guild of Thieves. Blade is a human assassin, the best in her field. The two team up, somewhat reluctantly on both parts, to track down a magician/sorcerer and the gem that he is believed to have stolen. Most in their community believe that Shadow herself has stolen the gem. Knowing that Blade has a past grievance against the magician, Baloran, Shadow propositions Blade for her help. Shadow dangles in front of Blade the opportunity to pay Baloran back for however he has wronged her.

This is a terrific adventure story. I love the fact that both lead characters are female. They are not damsels in need of rescuing. Shadow and Blade are the "kick butt and don't bother taking names" type. This is a book I would gladly let my 13-year-old daughter read. Books with wonderful, strong, witty female heroines are something I enjoy reading and something I want my daughters to read. Girls need that. And as a woman myself, it is something I enjoy reading and unfortunately do not get the chance to read very often.

"Shadow Hunt" would be enjoyed by anyone who, like me, is already a fan of the fantasy/adventure genre, especially for those who like books by Elizabeth Haydon and David and Leigh Eddings.

Kylee J. Yeaman -- Reader Views

5.0 out of 5 stars Shadow's at it again!

This book belongs to the Shadow trilogy, and in these novels the pace never slows. Shadow is a loveable and feisty elf with wandering feet, eyes, and hands. If you asked her to pick between wine, men, and treasure -- well, she couldn't. But although she denies it, she's pretty fond of her friends, even the humans. Every time you pick up a Shadow novel, expect an adventure, because that's exactly what Shadow's going to give you!

This time around, Shadow's been blamed for stealing something -- and she didn't even do it. The irony is killer, but not as killer as the factions threatening to break apart the city of Allanmere. As Mistress of the Thieves' Guild, Shadow reluctantly concludes it's in everyone's best interests to find the item. She only has one lead, though -- the incredibly powerful man to whom it originally belonged, long ago. But isn't he dead by now?

Her "friend", the notorious assassin Blade, seems to believe otherwise. Blade also seems to have motives of her own, deeply intertwined with her mysterious past. The two end up joining forces to recover the item and exact some revenge, but they're far from unexpected... either of them. Can Shadow squeeze out of this predicament, and save her friends' hides while she's at it? And maybe, just maybe help herself to a little bit of the treasure?

These days, fantasy novels tend to be longer and more "epic", but nothing can replace a good Shadow adventure. If you want a good time with memorable characters and intriguing situations, wrapped up in a fun and fast-moving plot, then don't pass these novels up.

Mer -- Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars couldn't put it down

I read this book and couldn't put it down for a minute. I LOVED it! Ms. Logston has done it again by bringing to life a very lovable elf and entangling her in another problem. The creative way she then gets her out kept me on the edge of my seat from page one.

A Customer -- Amazon Review


The room was dim, lit by scented lamps. The air was redolent with smells: aged wood, expensive oils and incense, fear. Most of the smells emanated from the fat merchant who cowered upon the cushions.

"How—how did you pass my guards?" he whispered, his heavily jeweled hands twisting together.

She shrugged slightly.

"As I passed Rivero's guards. So many guards, Merchant Tomor. So many more than when we spoke last. If I were the suspicious sort, I would imagine you wished to keep me out. And that would be most ungrateful of you, would it not? Most ungrateful." Her slender, black-gloved hands rested, poised, on her thighs as she crouched just inside the doorway.

Tomor's curiosity overcame, for a moment, his nervousness.

"It's done, then?"

The jet eyes never wavered.

"You doubted? It is done, as you wished. Your competitor is dead. It will not be linked to you. He did not deserve what I did to him."

Despite his nervousness, Tomor barked with harsh laughter.

"That troubles you, a paid killer?"

Chin-length, straight black hair shook slightly with her head.

"It does not trouble me. Do you bait me, Merchant Tomor? It would be unwise of you to do that."

She was all in black leather from chin to toe, and lamplight was swallowed, unreflected, in the darkness of her eyes.

"No. No," Tumor said hurriedly. Then he paused. "Did you torture him?"

The barest hint of a smile touched her pale lips.

"No. It was quick, at least." Her eyes were cold. "You stall, Merchant Tomor. I have come for my payment."

Tomor shivered, his hand clenching around the small, black mark in his palm.

"I've paid your hellish price already."

Her head tilted slightly.

"Need I remind you of the rest of our bargain, Merchant Tomor? I was promised ten thousand Suns in gems when the task was completed."

"You've already been paid more than enough for such a task," Tomor shuddered.

Amusement tinged her voice.

"How typical of you, Merchant Tomor, that you would not balk at giving a part of your life, but a part of your purse is held so dear."

Tomor visibly mustered his courage.

"You have no proof of our agreement, no contract."

"What use is a contract to me?" Her voice was still smooth, but a hint of steel had entered into it. "I am no paid knife of the Aconite Circle. Contracts are for those bargains to be enforced by others, not for bargains whispered in dark rooms. Those bargains I must enforce myself, as I have done, as I will do. Will you pay? Take care, Merchant Tomor. You are less safe than you think. Will you pay?"

Tomor's eyes narrowed.

"You dare threaten me in my own house?" he sneered. "You can't touch me. One word and my guards will be upon you. Eyes watch us even now. You can't threaten me out of my money—''

Even before the last word left his lips, she was at his side, knife at his throat. He trembled. He had not seen her move.

Her voice was cold, caressing.

"No, Merchant Tomor, nor will you threaten me out of mine. There were eyes upon you, and guards at your door, but now they sleep past all waking." She briefly glanced at the steel blade of the knife at his throat.

"No. This time, by my own choice."

The knife poised, her eyes never leaving Tomor's, her left hand went to the sheath at her hip. It drew a dagger blacker than night, shining darkly in the lamplight. Its tip replaced the other at Tomor's throat, just under his chin.

Tomor was shaking violently, perspiration dripping from his forehead to the cushions.

"No. I'll pay. I'll pay."

She smiled.

"Yes, Merchant Tomor. You will pay."

Tomor had no time to scream as the black dagger thrust upward into his brain.

She who called herself Blade withdrew the dagger, wiping it fastidiously on the cushion, then laying it on the floor. It shimmered, vanished.

A tall man, hairless, his naked skin blacker than night, stood beside Blade on the cushions.

"A fine gift," he said. "I really must thank you. Much more tasty than the soul of that Rivero fellow. He hardly had time to feel fear."

He reached into the cushions, drew out a small silk bag.

"And he had your payment ready, all along."

Blade took the pouch and tucked it into her sash. She picked up the black dagger from the floor of the room where she now stood alone, and sheathed it.

Her steps in the hallway, in the entry, on the street, were as silent as shadows in the moonlight.