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Sexual Healing

Twenty-seven-year old Ezra Benedict has given up on finding true romance. He is a romantic at heart and has always believed in the sanctity of being in a monogamous relationship. But unfortunately the men in his past have been anything but faithful. He jumps at a chance to relocate to Japan to fulfill his dream of being a travel photographer. During a photo-shoot before he leaves he sees the most gorgeous young Japanese woman he ever laid eyes on, who flirts with him shamelessly while she poses. Ezra’s body responds and becomes aroused.

He can’t figure it out because one, he’s been impotent for a year, and two, he’s gay. Following his doctor’s advice Ezra visits a club and tries to flirt with women to see if he can obtain an erection again, but nothing happens. Ezra leaves for Japan and goes in search of the model Maya Chiyo since he’s convinced that only she can help cure him.

Nineteen-year-old old Maya Chiyo has only known one American in his life and is curious when he sees photographer Ezra Benedict. He meets the man while he’s in full geisha makeup and costume during a photo-shoot and flirts with him for fun. Little did he know that Ezra took him serious until he sees the man waiting for him outside the college campus where Maya is a student.

Ezra demands that Maya take responsibility and date him once he learns that Maya is actually a guy. Maya thinks Ezra is crazy, but is soon drawn to the older guy with the sad expression and beautiful light brown eyes.

Will Maya ignore what his heart is telling him or just do what is expected of him?

A Phaze Books Release

Contains sexual language and explicit sexual situations intended for the enjoyment of adult readers.

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Shawn Bailey

Native New Orleanian Shawn Bailey has been writing for a number of years. His current Yaoi M/M novella Bitter Fruit can be found in Phaze’s Lemon Yellow anthology.

Coming Soon...
Contains sexual language and explicit sexual situations intended for the enjoyment of adult readers.


Chapter One

“Ezra, this is Maya.”

Ezra looked through the lenses of his camera at the new young model Eri had brought him to photograph.

“It’s nice to meet you, Maya,” Ezra said without taking his eyes off the viewfinder.

Someone said something quickly in Japanese.

Ezra finally looked up. A well-dressed Japanese male bowed at him.

“Ezra, this is Mr. Saitou, Maya’s interpreter,” Eri told him.

Ezra nodded at the man.

“Maya is from Japan and is here on a little vacation.”

That much he’d figured out. He wasn’t a complete dweeb. He supposed he should pick up the Japanese translation book Eri gave him a month ago when he learned he’d be moving to Kyoto to work at her magazine company. He knew a couple of words, but not enough to hold an intelligent conversation. “Good. I look forward to working with both of you in the future.”

Mr. Saitou repeated what he’d said to Maya, while Ezra went to work snapping the young woman’s picture.

Maya smiled and nodded.

Ezra captured it all on film.

Eri say goodbye and left them to their work.

Maya, he discovered didn’t need much direction and the interpreter left as soon as he discovered his services wouldn’t be needed until after the shoot.

Good, he hated any type of distraction while he worked. Ezra put his eye back on the model. Maya had the prettiest face he’d seen in a long time, with porcelain skin, big almond-shaped brown eyes and luscious looking lips. The body wasn’t bad either from what he could tell. She stood maybe five-feet eleven, slender with great shoulders. The young woman in wardrobe had dressed Maya in a two-piece red kimono and pants getup. Beneath she’d added a turtleneck to call attention to Maya’s long neck. Maya wore her shoulder-length black hair down around her heart-shaped face. The makeup artist had done a splendid job, darkening her lids with kohl and dark eye liner and painting Maya’s lips a bright red to make them pop for the camera.

Maya moved and posed under the bright studio lights without any direction from him.

Why can’t the other models be this professional? “Magnificent,” Ezra told her like she could understand him.

Maya did this sexy little thing with her lips. She formed an “O” and then blew a kiss at him.

Ezra caught this too on film and then stopped for a moment just gazing through the viewfinder as Maya performed only for him. She stretched her body and then froze in a very seductive pose. Ezra felt his pants tighten in the crotch. What? No, this can’t be. He’d been impotent for two years since he came home and caught his boyfriend in bed with his new lover. The doctor said he suffered from erectile dysfunction due to psychological problems. Whatever stimuli he used, masturbation, sexy nude pictures, or porno movies, nothing worked…until now. And caused by a female. What were the odds of that happening? He’d only dated men and never once been turned on by the opposite sex. But he couldn’t deny what he felt. His cock was hard as a brick and very uncomfortable in the tight jeans he’d decided to wear. Ezra hoped Maya didn’t notice his condition. Ezra looked up from the camera.

Maya made direct eye contact with him and winked.

Little tease. She knew exactly what she’d done.

Mr. Saitou and Eri came back into the studio an hour later, and Maya went back to acting like an innocent school girl.

“Are you finished?” Eri asked.

Ezra nodded. “Yes. I think you’re going to be pleased.”

“Excellent,” Eri said. “I can’t wait to see them.” She turned to Maya. “Arigato gozaimasu. Thank you.”

Maya bowed to her, but did not speak. She did smirk at Ezra when Eri turned her back.

“You and Maya will be working closely together when you arrive in Kyoto,” Eri said. “You’d better learn some Japanese by then.”

Ezra sneered at her. How hard can it be?

Maya walked over to them and Mr. Saitou told her what they’d just said. Maya bowed to both of them and then she and Mr. Saitou left the studio.

Ezra still had several more models scheduled to arrive so there was no way he could go home yet to take care of his little problem. He guessed he’d just have to use the private restroom in the studio to take care of his need. Then he’d call Doctor Hill to see if he could get an appointment to tell him the good news. He dashed into the restroom to masturbate.


“What do you mean you got an erection?” Doctor Hill asked Ezra the next day around noon. He’d been seeing Doctor Hill for the last two years and the man knew more about his personal life than anyone.

“Just what I said Doc. It happened during a photo shoot. This beautiful Japanese lady flirted with me and my penis rose and saluted.”

“But you’re gay.”

“So? I’ve taken pictures of many gorgeous men lately and nothing.”

Doctor Hill typed their conversation into the computer as they talked. “Go on, what else happened? What exactly did she do?”

“Nothing much, I mean, she didn’t touch me or anything. She just kind of smiled and posed.”

Hill stopped typing. “Were they nude pictures?”

“No, she wore a kimono, a red one.”

“How long did it last?” Doctor Hill asked.

“The photo shoot?”

Doctor Hill shook his head. “No, the erection. Did it rise and then deflate or did it stay around awhile?”

“It stayed around for nearly an hour, and then I had to masturbate to get it to leave.” Ezra chuckled happily. “I haven’t had an erection in so long I kind of hated to get rid of it. I can’t wait for it to happen again.”

“I don’t want to burst your bubble, but it could have been a fluke, or a temporary situation. And pretty damn abnormal since you’re gay and a woman caused the erection. Are you sure you’re not bisexual?”

Ezra frowned. “Quite sure.” Why wasn’t Doctor Hill happy for him?

“I want you to do me a favor. I want you to get in contact with that model and see if it happens again.”

Ezra shook his head. “I can’t do that. She left for Japan this morning.”

Doctor Hill didn’t want to give up. “Okay, then go out to a club tonight, do some flirting and see what happens. If you get erect call me tomorrow and let me know.”

Their session ended. Ezra shook the doctor’s hand. He accepted the prescription for the medicine the man had been treating him with, even though he thought he no longer needed it. Clubbing on a Thursday night? He supposed he could round up a few of his friends to go out for a couple of beers.

Ezra went to a gay nightclub in Los Angeles later that night and nothing happened. He’d even spent most of the evening talking to a blue-eyed blond with the cutest smile and zilch. Not even a slow rise. The following night he went alone to a strip club that featured women, and again, nada. Or as the French say it, ce n’est rein, nothing. Ezra even rented the most hard core porno movie he could find, sat in the bed stark naked with a new tube of lube and masturbated like crazy. All he got were sticky fingers and sheets. Wait, I know what’s missing. He hopped out of bed, ran to his darkroom and got a picture of Maya he’d developed and brought it into his bedroom and tried it again. His dick jumped in his palm and then it hardened. He smiled. Damn, he had to find her as soon as he got to Japan. Ezra sighed, wondering if Maya had a brother.