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Reef Runner

Patty O'Donnell has everything she could want in life--a loving husband, a job she enjoys, and a year-old daughter she adores. An enemy from the past needs to make a lot of money quickly and believes he can use Patty's skills and talents. Forced to choose between life as his slave and her daughter's safety, Patty sacrifices her own future to save her child.

Every step takes Patty deeper into a world of theft and deception. A scam on the Great Barrier Reef nets two very different results--financial gain, and the unexpected attention of a dangerous crime boss, who offers them both a choice. Serve him, or die.

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Pepper Smith

Pepper Smith began writing mystery/suspense stories with a school friend at age 9. She is the author of Blood Money, Rio Star, and Reef Runner, the first three books in the Patty O'Donnell Suspense series, as well as several short stories. She also volunteers as an instructor at the Muse Online Writers Conference, teaching suspense writing.

Pepper lives in Arkansas with her husband, son, and three cats.

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