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"I stand before you in this place, and I walk towards you on this way. The way is old but the way is long, and the way is the way of power. Hear me — hear me, and let the seal be broken!"

The words of an ancient ritual, summoning a devastating power which could destroy the Chaos Gate itself. If First Magus Vordegh's insanity was to be stopped, the heretics knew that they must gain control of that power.

This was the final gamble, and the odds against them were monstrous. But the rebels had a new ally in the heart of Chaos's own stronghold. One man, driven by one goad - the craving for revenge. And for revenge's sake, he was ready to unleash an apocalypse that even the gods could not withstand…

Book 3 of the Star Shadow Trilogy series

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Louise Cooper

May 29, 1952 -- October 21, 2009

Louise Cooper was born in Hertfordshire in 1952. She began writing stories when she was at school to entertain her friends. She hated school so much, in fact—spending most lessons clandestinely writing stories—that she persuaded her parents to let her abandon her education at the age of fifteen and has never regretted it.

She continued to write and her first full-length novel was published when she was only twenty years old. She moved to London in 1975 and worked in publishing before becoming a full-time writer in 1977. Since then she has become a prolific writer of fantasy, renowned for her bestselling Time Master trilogy. She has published more than eighty fantasy and supernatural novels, both for adults and children. She also wrote occasional short stories for anthologies, and has co-written a comedy play that was produced for her local school.

Louise Cooper lived in Cornwall with her husband, Cas Sandall, and their black cat, Simba. She gained a great deal of writing inspiration from the coast and scenery, and her other interests included music, folklore, cooking, gardening and "messing about on the beach." Just to make sure she keeps busy, she was also treasurer of her local Lifeboat station.

Louise passed away suddenly in October 2009. She was a wonderful and talented lady and will be greatly missed.

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