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Living the Rapture

Texas small town mechanic, Travis Fuller, thinks dying might not be so bad considering his marriage to Hayley is such a wreck. He sure as heck doesn't plan on seeing "the other side" during his heart attack. While recovering, Travis pores over patient files of other people who've "died" and come back to life. He also studies his Bible and works to win Hayley's trust so they can heal together through the pain they suffered when their young daughter died a year ago. As life starts settling down, Travis chooses to listen to his spirit and reveals to Hayley a theory he thinks God wants him to share with their friends and neighbors. She worries that the people of Weston aren't ready for this type of revelation and he faces two choices: ignore God to keep the relationship with his wife moving forward; or believe in a mustard seed of faith and risk ruining his chances with Hayley, not to mention becoming the small town laughing stock, if he reveals his theology. Shadows of doubt and rays of faith pass over him as the inevitable spring storms shatter what little peace he's found. Through it all Travis knows the reality of his faith is to live the rapture--he just isn't sure he's man enough to do it.

A Hard Shell Word Factory Release

Robyn Conley-Weaver

Robyn Conley-Weaver is the author of several books, including her latest release, WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO ME, by Walking Stick Press. As a spiritual fitness consultant, she helps people of all ages learn how to heal emotional wounds, find peace, and discover authentic joy by first exploring their spirituality.


"Well, I wasn't sure if a book with this title would be like guest-starring in the old Michael Landon series. No disrespect meant but I assumed that the Lord was going to get stuffed down my throat. Nope. That didn't happen. What is it about? Family. Faith. Living the Rapture made me feel good. I was glad to read it and enjoyed it immensely."

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"HANG ON, Travis...you're going to be all right." The doctor raised a sweaty brow to his ER staff and EMTs, making sure nobody was touching the gurney. "Clear."

Travis Fuller heard Doc's voice at the same time he watched his own flesh jerk, convulse into a strained arch, then fall flat against the table. He looked to his friend's face, felt the worry even as the scene withdrew from his vision.

Wait a sec...what's going on here? He thought he'd spoken out loud, but no one answered. Can't they hear me? He tried to remember what had happened that morning. Hadn't he just seen Doc down at the shop? Yeah, he did, and after checking the supply shelves to make sure he had the right oil for Doc's jeep, Travis had gone next door to get a donut. The EMTs were there, too, as usual, stuffing their faces with cinnamon rolls. He remembered nodding a 'hello' to them, pointing at the glass display, a tingling in his arm as he did, then...nothing.

Travis struggled not to panic. His work shirt lay ripped open and his skin looked as gray as the cinder block walls of his shop. Oh, God! I'm dying. He fought the possibility, hoping -- praying -- it was all a horrible nightmare.

As he hovered above the scrub-dressed crowd, Travis' fears melted into warmth, an almost tangible light, absorbing him and reflecting in the sterile white room. In spite of his earlier worry, he smiled, then realized he couldn't feel his moustache brushing the bottom of his nose.


Travis looked again at his body. Motionless. Lifeless. Dead. How could he be so physically numb and yet still feel these other -- what? Pleasant emotions? Maybe basking in this comfort wouldn't be such a bad idea, especially since his recent days hadn't known much peace. Considering his wife rarely even returned his calls, he'd all but given up on their marriage. Now it looked like his heart was giving up on him, adding yet another failure to his adequate, but way too average life.

Fail, fail, fail. Probably be better if I did die.

With that thought, Doc and the nurses faded as the light now mingled into a foggy darkness. Immediately he remembered the valley of the shadow of death, and just as immediately, the light rebounded in brilliance. He felt his soul accepting this unconditional love as rapidly as his shop rag soaked up windshield washer fluid. He was welcomed despite his faults. Without conscious effort, Travis sped forward. He passed other presences as he drifted away from the misty blackness -- some frustrated and sluggish, some cool and distant. But others traveled as fast as he did, full of fire and heading straight for the light.

So this is death.... Before Travis could finish the thought, another presence, smaller than his, zipped in front of him. This one felt fresh, carefree, as if kissed by a cheerful summer breeze. Somehow Travis knew he loved this little wisp, even before it spoke.

"Not yet, Daddy. It's not your turn."

An electric vibration jolted Travis' chest as the sudden shock seared his heart and blood flowed erratically through his veins.