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Judgment at Witches Court

On Selena Evans' eighteenth birthday, she discovers a deep, dark family secret, one that opens her eyes and makes her see the world in a completely new light.

While striving to learn what she needs to know to find her place in this new world, she must also fight to free her family from the clutches of a powerful enemy.

In this struggle, a unlikely trio of a lawyer, a psychic and a Master Witch befriends and helps her. Join Selena on her journey of discovery and intrigue.

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Cherry Dumas

For most of her life, Cherry Dumas has struggled with bad health, and that has taken a toll on how much she writes, but she still desires to share her stories with others and so strives each day to overcome her health difficulties, even if it is writing for only a short time. Each time she invites you into one of her stories, she invites you into a part of her life that she keeps safe and special for those who love tales as much as she does, and greets them with open arms and a smile of welcome.

Ever since Cherry was little she has had the bug to read and write, as well as living in fantasy worlds where she met strange creatures. It was the desire to share this others that she knew that writing was going to be her heart. She doesn’t always write about different worlds, but even at that, her stories generally always have a fantasy element to them.

Cherry has the ability to draw others in to her stories with vivid details, yet leaves enough blank so the readers can fill in with their own imaginations of what they are seeing. She truly believes that books are not just for story telling, but a way for the reader to escape to places where they may never have a chance go any other time.

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