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Grimm and Grimmer

Grimm and Grimmer is a collection of fairy tales told from a modern perspective.

Part of the attraction of the original Grimm Brothers' tales was that of their relevance to their audience, and the tales in this book capture the magic and horror of living in modern times.

Though the settings vary, the talented authors within the cover of this book speak to the mysterious, the unknown and the unknowable, which is not lost in these times.

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Adrienne Jones

Adrienne Jones is author of the books Brine, Gypsies Stole my Tequila, The Hoax, and editor of the collection Grimm and Grimmer. She spent early life in the Boston area, where her parents fed her an endless menu of mystery novels to keep her quiet. Ultimately moving to Vermont, she ate cheese, tried to ski and fell down a lot, but remained in the Green Mountain State until earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. Thereafter she trekked back down to the flatlands where she worked various jobs as a journalist, film maker, office-grunt and copywriter. She now lives in Rhode Island and writes full time.

Pete S. Allen

Pete S. Allen is the creative evil genius behind the Amityville House of Pancakes anthologies of humorous speculative fiction, and the secondary evil genius behind Grimm and Grimmer. Sort of a sidekick evil genius, if you will, for this book. If you have problems with this book, you should really blame the first evil genius, Adrienne.

Of course, as sidekick, Pete is the one that will suffer for it, but there you go.

Gary K. Wolf

Gary K. Wolf has published five science fiction novels and scores of short stories. He is best known as the celebrated author of Who Censored Roger Rabbit? Walt Disney Pictures and Steven Spielberg turned Wolf’s literary vision of humans cohabitating with animated characters into the blockbuster film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The film got four Academy Awards and won Wolf the Hugo Award.

In perhaps the oddest collaboration ever, Wolf co-wrote his newest science fiction novel, Space Vulture, with his lifelong friend John J. Myers, the Catholic Archbishop of Newark.

Wolf lives in Boston.

Aurelio O'Brien

Aurelio O'Brien led a long and successful film career as an illustrator, animator, story artist, and graphic designer before becoming a full-time writer, and is the author the light-hearted and unique scifi novel, EVE.

His second, as yet unnamed novel, is in the works.

Mr. O'Brien currently lives in a suburb of Los Angeles with his life partner, his cat, and an ever-expanding collection of antique automobiles.

Paul E. Martens

Paul E. Martens is widely credited with teaching Mohandas Gandhi to cha-cha.

He enjoys tying his shoes, wrestling with his conscience and upholstery.

Carlos Hernandez

Carlos Hernandez is a writer and English professor living in New York City. Look for his upcoming co-written novel, Abecedarium, to be published by Chiasmus Press in 2007.

Joel Best

Joel Best's fiction has appeared in such publications as Strange Horizons, Eclectica, Quick Fiction and Pindeldyboz. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and son.

Chris Cox

Chris Cox is a deranged, one-eyed hunchback wandering by night through the wastelands of Pawtucket. His age isn’t known, but sightings go back three hundred years and he’s generally believed to be a cannibal.

Author of one and a half phenomalous black comedy novels, he’s represented by ParkEast Literary Agency, with whom he only communicates via cryptic notes written on apples injected with larvae.

Needless to say, he’s a tricky one.

D. Richard Pearce

D. Richard Pearce is a writer from the west coast of Canada.

he is currently in exile, because of crimes committed by his weasels. Pearce writes in many perspectives, not least of which is third person, the style chosen for this biography. while this can be awkward and confusing to write about oneself, it means that the label can be "BIO" and not "AUTOBIO."

he likes writing sentences without Proper Casing, but only on personal websites or blogs—never in stories—as he believes in saving avant garde for the funny papers.

one could find his work here and there, including several stories in the anthology "Madmen's Dreams."

Jefre Schmitz

Jefre's been writing on and off for the past several years. Fair 'n Square represents, by far, his most irrelevant ... er, irreverent effort. Judge not his character by it, but rather, chalk it up to his inexplicable affinity for rednecks and fast women (hmm ... this pretty much does speak to his character, doesn't it?).

He credits Flannery O'Connor and Cormac McCarthy as his primary influences, but you wouldn't know it after reading Fair 'n Square.

Darwyn Jones

Darwyn Jones lives in Chicago, Illinois and recently finished his first novel, First Murders.

His work has appeared in the Windy City Times, Hairtrigger, Chicago Life, Story Week Reader and Fictionary.

He currently freelances for the Not For Tourists website and the Chicago Tribune's metromix website.

Jake Allen

Jake Allen is a high school teacher and lives in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Jim Henson told the Jack My Hedgehog story way better and look where it got him.

Mike E. Purfield

Mike E. Purfield is the author of Stereo Sanctity. He has fiction in print and on the web. You can always find him at MikeEPurfield.com.

Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray lives and writes in Missoula, Montana, where she is raising two fine strapping lads.

She got her start as an opinion columnist in her husband's award-winning weekly newspaper; she then decided that writing might be a real job after all and is currently finishing up a creative writing degree at the University of Montana.

When she is not writing, Jessica obsessively reads about histories and mythologies of religions, and dreams of the day that she will quit her day job.


This is a satisfying collection of thirteen tales (yes, thirteen) for anyone wanting to get back to fairy tales as maybe they were meant to be, and an inspiring collection for those of us who like stories and news of the times dished out with spice, and aren’t afraid to be dealt an occasional lesson with the whip of fear.

Patricia J. Esposito -- Cabinet des Fees, an online fairy tale journal

Inspector Timber and The Three Pigs
By Gary K. Wolf

Creator of Toontown and Roger Rabbit tackles Fairytale Land in this Three Little Pigs satire.

Agony & Ecstasy Jones
By Aurelio O'Brien

Explore the magic land of Suburbia, where happiness and conformity can be achieved through miracle potions called Paxil and Ritalin!

Most Wonderful Dream
By Paul E. Martens

Stan Booth said he'd give anything to be a successful author. But such claims should never be made aloud; especially when an elf happens to be within hearing range.

By A. B. Lundy

When the most beautiful woman in all the lands casts down her golden locks for men to climb, there's GOT to be a catch.

The Man and the Clone of The Man
By Carlos Hernandez

Life's not exactly been a fairy tale? Why not start over, and watch yourself succeed this time?

Once Upon a Time in Alphabet City
By Joel Best

Pinocchio's gunning Luckies and knocking back bourbon at the bar when the fairy with the blue hair steps in from the street wearing a sheer day-glo blouse and hotpants that leave little to the imagination.

Snow White
By Chris Cox

There's never a prince around when you need one. Sometimes a girl's just gotta rely on a shotgun and a methadone clinic.

Hans L and Greta L
By D. Richard Pearce

If you're gonna try to ditch a couple of kids in the urban jungle, make sure their daddy's not the local mob boss, and that they don't leave a trail of cash to find their way home.

Fair 'n Square
By Jefre Schmitz

Rags to riches never happens overnight, unless perhaps there are magical forces involved. But if you're fresh out of magic, a hearty helping of illegal sabotage works just as well.

By Darwyn Jones

They say beauty is skin deep, but what about purity? In this tale, the less than prudent are looking a bit dusky these days.

Jack My Razorback
By Jake Allen

If you're going to curse yourself with a mutant offspring, then send it packing to live in the forest, you might want to clear out before it comes back with a chip on its spiny shoulder.

Already There
By Mike E. Purfield

Even with a perfect new fairy tale bride at your side, you should never grow so content as to fall asleep behind the wheel. The New Jersey Parkway is a bad place to wake up dead. Especially if you take the wrong exit on your way to Heaven.

The Other Side of the Desert
By Jessica Murray

The legendary Lilith comes forth in modern times, revealing the real story of Adam and Eve, and this dark tale is no Garden of Eden.