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Flame's Ghost

Raised in an orphanage, Flame has never known love. She thinks herself incapable of love...until she finds her gift. She can see through the eyes of the wolf. She will do everything in her power to protect the land of the wolves and its inhabitants. She's given a gift that changes her life, a white wolf cub named Ghost. He is Flame's constant companion, her best friend.

Grandfather is Sioux Indian, an old man. Grandfather knows of the girl-child, Flame, but is not prepared for her power. The land he loves, his forest, is being threatened by men that will do anything to take it from him. It is a battle he cannot win alone.

Detective Shay Larson doesn't believe in "magic" or in fortune tellers. When he is set up on a blind date with the beautiful fortune teller, Flame, he has no idea how much magic is in store for him. Life is never the same...for any of them.

Book 1 of the The Wolf Series series

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Cynthia Cantrell

Cynthia Cantrell lives in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. She has a special affinity for animals and includes them in all of her novels. Cynthia has lived in many places, growing up in a military family. She graduated high school on Guam, USA in the late 70's, spent many years near the beaches of South Carolina, and will be visiting many of these childhood stomping grounds in future books.

Cynthia has a daughter and niece that keep her very busy when she's not creating an altered reality on paper. Animals are also a big part of her home life, the largest being a St. Bernard named Pogo that has the run of the house as he outweighs everyone else.


4 Angels!

The story is wonderful..filled with intrigue, suspense, romance, psychic powers and an evil bad guy that will stop at nothing to get his way. Flame’s Ghost is filled with a fun cast of characters from the wise old Indian to a gay male sidekick, police, lawyers, and psychics! I enjoyed the story and loved the ending...

Stephanie B. -- Fallen Angel Reviews

She is standing in the meadow, arms outstretched at her sides. Her waist length, sun-kissed red hair, blowing wildly around her. The most beautiful woman they have ever seen. A goddess.

Even from this distance they can see her enormous green eyes. Very angry, green eyes. Two very large wolves stand on either side of her. At least five more can be seen coming through the knee high grass.

They hear her speak calmly, but very clearly. "You will leave this land! There will be no killing done here! I will not allow it! If there will be death here, it will be your own!" This goddess declares to them with a soft southern drawl.

This said, the wolves start moving, surrounding the woman. Never taking their eyes off of the men, teeth bared and growling.

"Lady, we just came here to hunt! We saw a big moose come into the woods up the road aways and we followed it's tracks here!" States one of the men.

He turns to the others and in a quiet tone, says, "Boys, come on. Let's get the hell outta here. We're on private property and we all know it. That moose ain't worth this kind of trouble."

They all nod, but one.

He tells them, loudly, "I came here to kill that damn moose and I ain't lettin no woman with a bunch of damn dogs scare me off. What the hell do you think she can do? We have the guns. We'll just kill a few of those overgrown dogs and she'll move off!"

The other men shake their heads and turn to leave.

Before they move very far the same one speaks again, this time to the woman. "Lady, I been trackin that damn moose all day and I aim to kill it. I don't care what you say! If those damn dogs don't back off I'm gonna kill a few of them too!"

The others protest, trying to make him leave with them. He refuses.

"You will not kill anything on this land! You will leave now!" states the woman, raising both arms toward the heavens.

The wolves start moving toward him.

He turns to see that his friends have all left the stand of woods. He is standing all alone. He pulls his rifle to his shoulder. "Call em off lady!"

As he says the last word, from behind him, one of the wolves attack. It has crept upon him from behind. Then the wolf hits his arm, biting deep, and the rifle goes off.

The wolf turns him loose, running toward the woman, and the man sees that the rifle shot has hit the woman. He sees blood on her shirt as she falls to the ground. He turns and runs after his buddies, hearing the wolves howling.

He slows as he reaches the trucks, telling his buddies, "It ain't worth it. I told her we'd leave em be. Let's get outta here."