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Defeating Addictions

Mr. Pace applies the same 30 day matrix that he has used in the other Hard Shell Publications, Growing Self Confidence and Building Relationships. Every day, for thirty days, you will apply your imagination to situations that you would probably never realize you could link together. You will be able to examine why you turn some of your needs into addictive habits. You will begin to face down your craving for substances and activities that place you in a holding pattern. You can start to take control of your own thoughts and dictate your mind's desires to your brain instead of the other way around. By taking control of your imagination, you can go beyond your addictions and get in touch with your real needs and wants.

A Hard Shell Word Factory Release

Richard Pace

     Richard Pace is a syndicated columnist who writes features about quests, life cycles and numerology. Articles on numerology may be read by visitinghttp://www.accessnewage.com/html/people.htm.

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Desire is a gift from the universe that helps us create our goals in life. When we are introduced to new ideas, we bring our destinies into question by way of our destiny needs. There is nothing wrong with having complexity or contradictions in our lives. Challenges can actually be used as a power source for the growth of our spirit -- our drive. When we get caught up with our drive and focus it to the point of obsession, we are susceptible to addictions.

We all need a certain degree of drive to live our lives. Some people use their drive to develop what I call "destiny plugs." A destiny plug occurs when people have drives that overcompensate for their "imaged" desires. They begin to use their destiny needs to create unattainable or unrealistic goals, therefore the alcoholic who hates her father may be forever vengeful. The person obsessed with cleanliness may be out to prove that there is no alternative to his fears. Or perhaps a person who cannot stop spending money in order to demonstrate his importance in the world.

These are examples of people who use destiny plugs. They manipulate their physical senses to drive their feelings rather than attaining their true goals. Feelings used to create a driving force to attain goals are instead diverted to enhancing the original feelings that could have been given up long ago.

People who allow addictions to dominate their lives are desperate to slowdown their life's journey. They eliminate as many reasons to use their full range of emotions as possible. They reprogram the five senses when they get in the way of experiencing their obsessive behavior. For as looming as addictions appear to be, they all boil down to a form of behavior.

To be driven to satisfy an addiction is no different from people using umbrellas when it rains. There is a genuine need brought on by a desire. People who avoid getting wet have a desire to stay dry and healthy. They are driven to do what it takes to get their needs met. Their goal is to continue advancing themselves to their next goal that is part of an overall destiny.

Of course, addicts have needs, wants, goals, senses and many other valuable gifts from the universe, but they feel that they need to put the brakes on their destinies.

And why do they give up on their futures? Because they lose faith in their life journey. They somehow, somewhere along the line begin to believe that life is an end result. They believe that reaching goals is all powerful. They forget that life is a journey first and foremost. They forget that attaining goals is just another part of life.

The real living of life occurs day to day living out time in space. The real adventure in life is knowing we have the power to create events, reach goals and live out our destinies in the reality of the majestic day.

The day is the most glorious tool that humankind uses. Like clay, the day allows us to shape it into whatever we want permitting us freedom to do so. The problems come into play when people begin to think that a given day has properties that it simply does not have. A day is a time span dictated to by our destiny needs.

When we pretend that life quests cannot be attained without certain rituals outside of necessity, we become obsessed with our pretensions. For example, if we decide that a certain action must take place to make us feel happy, and the action is not taken because it is out of our control, we may choose to feel defeated. Like rejection, the emotion of defeat is very deep and very difficult to alleviate.

Sometimes we try to plug up lingering painful and unreasonable emotions such as defeat, anger, rejection, extreme impatience and hatred. We attempt to send our thoughts into an alternative direction. We use our drive to frantically cover up difficult and painful feelings.

This approach works but at a cost. Using substances and actions such as drugs, alcohol and gambling to make our sense of meaningful destiny return knocks us for a loop.

We may not only give up genuine feelings of anxiety, but also jeopardize our sense of rational judgment and often our physical and mental health.

Must we give up the feelings that drag us down?

Hardly! Giving up feelings is like peeling the skin off our bodies. We cannot live without our skin nor can we live without our emotions. However, we sometimes need to take the power away from our feelings and give it back to our life journey. We also need to do both these actions at the same time. As we observe the various feelings that cause us to overreact, we must bring them into a more realistic realm. We must stop giving them the priorities that they demand and allow them to exist outside our sense of drive. In other words, we must allow our destinies to drive us, and learn to enjoy our feelings of reaching our goals.

Feelings are like many other occurrences in life, they eventually become tired and uninteresting, allowing us to go on to new ones that suit the "real" moment we are living in. When we decide that we are going to hold onto feelings, we place a plug in our desires. We begin to diminish ourselves in order to allow the feelings to loom over us like a cover -- a mask. With feelings of defeat, impatience and anger whirling all around us, we have no choice but to seek relief, even if we turn to an addiction.

One of the worse results that comes out of our attachment to our negative emotions is loneliness. We become lonely when we hold on to old feelings. No one around us can really gauge what we are feeling, because our feelings have gone from genuine to false. Other people sense this in us. They know when we are feeling something and when we are acting out our old feelings.

They might encourage or discourage us from acting out the feelings, but they cannot relate to feelings that have become phantoms.

How do we take back control over our deep dark feelings? We use our imaginations. Our simple, basic, garden variety imaginations. Our imaginations get us into life's situations therefore we can use them to alter what we have empowered them to do for us.

With our imaginations, we develop our lives -- we create ourselves. When we are infants, we discover that we can use our imaginations and get what we want out of life. For example, when we smell our Mommie's scent when she enters the room after we wake up howling, we imagine that we will be fed. Mommie's scent smells good. Mommie is good. Mommie feeds us.

From that point on, anything goes. We imagine going outside to play in the playground. We imagine that we are going to watch TV when we wake up in the morning.

Naturally, when we get older and become adults we imagine with such speed and accuracy that most of the time we don't even realize that we are imagining. We imagine so quickly that we confuse it with instinct, but we cannot function in life unless we imagine what comes next.

Think of yourself the night before you have an important appointment. You imagine what you are going to wear. You picture yourself wearing certain clothes, certain shoes and certain accessories. You don't even have to go into the closet to see them. You can imagine what they look like. You imagine what you would wear and the following morning you wear those clothes -- those imaginings.

But you must realize that we imagine everything we do in life. In fact, the French verb to imagine, imaginer can also mean to realize. We want a new job, so we imagine what it would be like to have a different job.

If we like what we imagine, we do our best to change jobs. If people need charity, we imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes. The imagination is the key to a successful life journey. Control your imagination and you can have anything you want out of life. By control, I am not implying to stop it. I am referring to our power to simply bring about order from chaos by just allowing the imagination to do the work for us.

But I must warn you, the imagination cannot build toward successful goals when destiny plugs like addictions are in effect. Addictions cause the imagination to become repetitious in order to hold onto tired old feelings like anger and impatience. The basic instinct of drive takes over because the imagination stops working properly. No life advancement is in sight, so the imagination slows down. Nothing useful can happen in a person's life until they take control of their retro feelings and decide to keep them in a safe place, away from the progress of their life journey. For the imagination to function properly, we must aim for goals without the desperation of coming to conclusions.

Time Is Always On Your Side

No wonder why people cultivate addictions if they feel that time is their enemy. Time, best known to us as the given day, knows nothing about itself. Time is the reality we use like clay to create our destinies. It is the saddle that allows us to focus our awareness. When we summon the day to do something for us, it behaves according to our own understanding of time -- our awareness. Time quickens when we are clear about our destinies and it seems to stand still when we are in a state of chaos.

Ultimately, we are not only our bodies, minds, emotions and senses, we are also time and space and a tiny chunk of the energy of the universe as well.

In Defeating Addictions, you will find a way to use your imagination to slice away at the web of illusions. These illusions block we from seeing clearly the life destiny that we design for ourselves when we were very young. As children, we put together our hopes, dreams and feelings. We concoct our destinies that allow us to develop goals so that we can defend the destiny decisions we made as children.

We can and do update our childhood decisions from time to time. We may not become firefighters like we imagined at the age of five but may choose to be accountants for the fire department instead. Or we may not become fashion models like we planned and instead become makeup artists. The problems arise when people wind up doing nothing like they planned, and worse, feel like they have no choices.

By using the imagination to combat tired old feelings that attach us to addictions, we can finally get in touch with your destinies. We can choose to turn life into an adventure again.

For those of you who are not familiar with the thirty-day lesson imagination programs, you will soon find out that you have much imagining to do in the next month. You will be imaging yourself in all sorts of strange occupations and preoccupation's. You will find that you have the right to go anywhere you want to with your universal mind. And you will encounter people and events with whom you never thought you had anything in common. In the end, you will realize that indeed we are all in the same boat, and simple awareness sure beats feelings of insatiable blind drive.

First you will read a description of the day's lesson, then on to imagining that you are in a specific situation that may or may not have a storybook ending.

In fact, many of the imaginings you will encounter have no conclusions at all. In such cases, you use your imagination to fill in the blanks. Then come a series of questions. Most of the lessons have at least fivequestions, but sometimes you will find only two or three.

Answer the questions from your heart but please be gentle with yourself. No one is keeping score. Instead of being your own worst enemy, you can be your own best friend. And finally, you will daydream occurrences ranging from being stuck up to your neck in tomato soup, to making love without answering the darn ringing phone.

We are creatures of habit and we are also people who love. The universe created us to see, hear, touch, smell and taste, in order to know what to do next, giving us a real mission in life -- our destinies. We have only one responsibility to the universe and that is to observe and know what is presented to our consciousness or awareness.

Somehow it is enough to make many of us throw our hands in the air and give up. Yet something happens in our despair. We begin to realize that life is really fun.

We have all this wonderful time and beautiful space. We feel in a way that makes us more and more curious about what is about to happen. Where will this time machine we call the universe lead us next? We have all we really need for starters. We just have to constantly remind ourselves not to put the brakes of the destiny plugs on. That is all life requires. Our nature takes care of the rest.

We all develop wonderfully distinct destinies when we are young and we must remind ourselves to simply update them and not feel obligated to come to any conclusions. Remember, life is a journey that may or may not have the rewards or the prizes we think we must have to be happy. Happiness comes from the journey. The rewards can be glorious and sometimes they can be a hassle.

The lessons in the book are not intended to cure you of any addictions. They are meant to open up your options and allow you to see the freedom that life has to offer. The freedom is already a part of you. Open your eyes. Open your imagination.