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Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory

Think all faeries spend their days picking flowers and dancing in circles? Think again!

We bring you tales of urban conflict, of lurking assassins, of defenders of the home front. Eternal battles…between good and evil, right and wrong, Seelie and Unseelie…fought by timeless warriors whose battle cries echo throughout both history and legend.

Discover fae fighting the good fight with every turned page.

A WAC pilot and her leprechaun guardian get a bit of their own back in L. Jagi Lamplighter’s A Not-So-Silent Night.

Refugee recruits from Daemor defend the base camp from gators and mongers in Patrick Thomas’s The Size of the Fight in the Solider.

Elaine Corvidae treats us to a new glimpse of the realm of the Shadow Fae as an assassin stalks Pook, the Unseelie king on the Seelie throne, in Field of Honor.

And in David Sherman’s The Price of Friendship a simple Nix gives Viking warriors a lesson in unconventional warfare.

Each story in this collection follows a fine warrior—and fae—tradition. Protect your own, avenge your fallen, and put the bullies in their place. So get ready to declare your allegiance, because…

By Land, Air, or Sea, the battle lines are drawn…Which side are you on?

Book 3 of the Bad-Ass Faeries series

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Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Award-winning author Danielle Ackley-McPhail has worked both sides of the publishing industry for nearly fifteen years. Her works include the urban fantasies, Yesterday's Dreams, its sequel, Tomorrow's Memories (Mundania Press), and the upcoming novella, The Halfling’s Court: A Bad-Ass Faerie Tale (Dark Quest LLC), the anthologies, Bad-Ass Faeries, Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad (Mundania Press), and No Longer Dreams, (Lite Circle Books), all of which she co-edited, and contributions to numerous anthologies and collections, including Dark Furies (Die Monster Die! Books), Breach the Hull, (Dark Quest LLC), Space Pirates (Flying Pen Press), and the upcoming science fiction anthologies So It Begins (Dark Quest LLC) and Barbarians at the Jumpgate (Padwolf Publishing).

Danielle is a member of The Garden State Horror Writers, the electronic publishing organization EPIC, and Broad Universe, a writer’s organization focusing on promoting the works of women authors in the speculative genres.

Danielle lives somewhere in New Jersey with husband and fellow writer, Mike McPhail, mother-in-law Teresa, and three extremely spoiled cats.

L. Jagi Lamplighter

L. Jagi Lamplighter is a fantasy author. She has published numerous articles on Japanese animation and appears in several short story anthologies, including Best of Dreams of Decadence, No Longer Dreams, Bad-Ass Faeries, and the Science Fiction Book Club’s Don’t Open This Book. She recently sold her first trilogy, Prospero’s Daughter, to Tor. Volume One, Prospero Lost, is scheduled for the Winter of 2009. Her is http://www.sff.net/people/lamplighter/.

Lee C. Hillman

Lee C. Hillman considers herself primarily a fanfiction author and has become a fascinated informal scholar of both fan culture and transformative works. Known online as “GwendolynGrace,” she is a founding administrator at FictionAlley, where she moderates discussion boards and records readings for their fanfiction podcast, “SpellCast.” She ran the first Harry Potter Conference (Nimbus - 2003) for HP Education Fanon, Inc., http://www.hpef.net/, and although she is the outgoing President of their Board of Directors, she looks forward to their upcoming conferences. By day she is a Project Manager, on the weekends she is a Baroness and bard in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and at all times, but mostly in the evenings, she is an actor, singer, and dancer in Boston area theatre. Sleep is optional.

Jeffrey Lyman

Jeff Lyman is a 2004 graduate of the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop. Since then he has been published in various anthologies, including No Longer Dreams by Lite Circle Press, Sails and Sorcery by Fantasist Enterprises, and Breach the Hull by Marietta Publishing. He was involved in editing both Bad Ass Fairies I and II. He is currently finishing up a novel about some pretty rotten fairies. By day, he works as a mechanical engineer near New York City.

D.C. Wilson

D.C. Wilson lives in Harrisburg, PA with his wife Maria and their dog Rosie. His fiction has appeared in such anthologies as Bad-Ass Faeries, No Longer Dreams, and Fantasical Visions III. He’s also been the feature author in the periodical Tales of Indiscretion. He attend Penn State University from which he earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Allegedly, he works for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and teaches part-time at Harrisburg Area Community College, but these may be just rumors.

Hildy Silverman

Hildy Silverman is the publisher of Space and Time, a four-decade-old magazine of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. She is also the author of several works of short fiction, including “The Soul Cloister” (2003, Wild Child), “Play Misty for Me” (2004, The Adventures of Mist and Vale, Ordover, ed.), “Picky” (2008, Dark Territories, Frank and SanGiovanni, eds.). She is a member of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society and the Garden State Horror Writers. In the “real” world, she is a freelance writer who develops corporate training, marketing and web site content.

Chris Pisano

Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano reside in south, central Pennsylvania where Brian is often chased by angry villagers wielding pitchforks and torches due to his uncanny resemblance to Sasquatch while Chris can often be found in newspapers and magazines under the headline "Cro-Magnon Man Found." Their obsession with writing is pretty thorough; their compositions range from stories to articles to comic books to novels and even haiku. They even went so far as to start their own small press publishing company called Fortress Publishing, Inc.

Brian Koscienski

Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano reside in south, central Pennsylvania where Brian is often chased by angry villagers wielding pitchforks and torches due to his uncanny resemblance to Sasquatch while Chris can often be found in newspapers and magazines under the headline "Cro-Magnon Man Found." Their obsession with writing is pretty thorough; their compositions range from stories to articles to comic books to novels and even haiku. They even went so far as to start their own small press publishing company called Fortress Publishing, Inc.

Trisha Wooldridge

Trisha J. Wooldridge is a freelance writer and editor with experience ranging from Dungeons & Dragons Online to animal rescue public relations. She is also a columnist, ad rep, and proofreader for Massachusetts Horse magazine. Trish has written a YA science-fiction novel, A Silent Starsong, and isco-writing Fae Sithein: Yesterday’s Shadows, with Christy Tohara. An active member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and Broad Universe, Trisha has published essays on writing and marketing in TOTAL Funds for Writers and The Freelancer. For more information, check out Trish’s website and blog at ww.anovelfriend.com.

Christy Tohara

Christy E. Tohara is a middle school English teacher from South Jordan, Utah. Graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, she’s currently working on her first novel with Trisha Wooldridge. She has also published a few poems in chapbooks. While writing and editing is a daily practice in the classroom, Christy extended her experience by administrating writers groups. She has taken part in orchestrating various genres of writing as well as coaching writers with different skill levels.

Robert E Waters

Robert E Waters has been selling fiction since 1997 with his first sale to Aboriginal SF. Since then, he has sold stories to Weird Tales, Nth Degree, Nth Zine, and Black Library Publishing. Between 1998 and 2006, he was an assistant editor for Weird Tales, and has worked in the board- and computer-gaming industry as a writer, designer, and producer since 1994. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife Beth, their son Jason, and their cat Buzz.

Bernard Mojzes

Mostly, Bernie Mojzes has dabbled. In what? you ask. Well, let’s see. He’s fiddled with UNIX, he’s framed pictures, he’s taught college courses and karate classes, he’s designed and built networks and generated propaganda for the technical elite masses. He has studied the Great Philosophers and mocked them all. And, apparently, he’s also dabbled with writing. Loki disapproves of this last activity: she looks at the screen, then at Bernie’s face, then sighs deeply and lays her adorably furry head across the keyboard. Enough, she says. And then: Feed me.

CJ Henderson

CJ Henderson is the creator of the Teddy London supernatural detective series, author of such diverse yet fabulously interesting titles as The Field Guide to Monsters, Baby's First Mythos and The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies and some fifty other books and novels. He has had hundreds of short stories published along with hundreds of comics and thousands of non-fiction pieces. The first novel in his latest series, Brooklyn Knights, will be coming out from Tor later this year. Published in some ten languages around the world, he is as beloved as he is rotund, which is saying a lot. For more on this happiest, and heaviest, of fellows, check out his website, www.cjhenderson.com, where he invites you to read the posted short stories. If you send him a pie, he will remember you in his prayers.

James Daniel Ross

James Daniel Ross is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio who first discovered a love of writing during his education at The School for the Creative and Performing Arts.

While he began in simple, web based vanity press projects, his affinity for the written word soon landed him a job writing for Misguided Games.

After taking a large part in writing and designing Children of the Sun, he continued as a freelancer on various contracts with BBRACK productions.

After a slow-down in the gaming industry made jobs scarce, he began work on The Radiation Angels. This is his first novel.

Darren W. Pearce

Darren W. Pearce lives in the West Midlands, UK with his wife Gill, his four cats, Malcolm, Rosie, Midnight, and Bubastis. Darren has a long-term dream to write a Doctor Who novel at some point in his life and has been devoted to that series since he saw the re-runs of Hartnell’s era on the BBC. In 2008 with the help of Gill he put the first ever webcomic online for the Chronicles of Wyrden, a comic based in the setting that is intended for many of his novels and short stories. Darren is currently working on the Doctor Who RPG creating supplemental materials.

Neal Levin

Neal Levin is a game designer, author, and publisher. His work in game design includes credits with: Ambient Games, Bastion Press, Dark Quest Games, EN Publishing, Mystic Eye Games, and Top Fashion Games. Neal lives in New Jersey with his wife and two furry children. He is a member of the Garden State Horror Writers, EPIC, and SFWA. He is the Aquisition Editor for both Dark Quest Books and ADF Books. As a short story author he has work in anthologies from many publishers. His known 2010 list includes: Vampire Dreamspell, Cat Dreamspell, Barbarians at the Jumpgate, New Blood, Wolfology, and Zombonauts.

Kelly A. Harmon

Kelly A. Harmon used to write truthful, honest stories about authors and thespians, senators and statesmen, movie stars and murderers. Now she writes lies, which is infinitely more satisfying, but lacks the convenience of doorstep delivery, especially on rainy days . . . which is to say: Ms. Harmon is a former magazine and newspaper reporter and editor. Her recent publication credits include articles at the SciFi Channel’s on-line magazine, SciFi Weekly and short fiction published in Black Dragon, White Dragon, a Ricasso Press anthology and Triangulation: Dark Glass, a PARSEC Ink anthology. Her award-winning novella, Blood Soup, is available at Eternal Press. Read more about Ms. Harmon at her website, www.kellyaharmon.com.

Jason Franks

Jason Franks runs the small press comics imprint Blackglass Press. He has published a number of comics anthologies, One More Bullet, Rockstar Pizza, and Hard Words, featuring work in many genres by a variety of independent writers and artists. His prose and comics work has been published in Deathlings, Tango, and Robots Are People, Too. Franks currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas is the author of 80+ short stories and fifteen books including the popular fantasy humor series MURPHY'S LORE. The eighth book, EMPTY GRAVES: Tales of Zombies, was recently released from Padwolf Publishing. His tentatively titled THE MYSTIC INVESTIGATORS OF PATRICK THOMAS and FAIRY WITH A GUN (a Terrorbelle collection) will be out in 2009 from Marietta Publishing and Padwolf respectively. Patrick co-edited HEAR THEM ROAR and the upcoming NEW BLOOD vampire anthology. Patrick has novellas in GO NOT GENTLY and FLESH AND IRON from the Two Backed Books imprint of Raw Dog Screaming. Patrick writes the syndicated satirical advice column DEAR CTHULHU. Drop by his website at www.patthomas.net

David Lee Summers

David Lee Summers is an author, editor, and astronomer living somewhere between the western and final frontiers. He edited the anthologies Space Pirates and Space Horrors for Flying Pen Press and edits Tales of the Talisman Magazine. He is the author of seven novels including Owl Dance, Vampires of the Scarlet Order, and The Solar Sea. David is also co-author, with Lee Clark Zumpe, of the story collection Blood Sampler. His short fiction has appeared in such magazines as Cemetery Dance, Realms of Fantasy, Aoife's Kiss, The Fifth Di..., The Martian Wave, and Science Fiction Trails. In addition to his work in the written word, David works at Kitt Peak National Observatory. You can learn more about him online at www.davidleesummers.com.

David Sherman

David Sherman is the author or co-author of thirty-one novels, but only two previously-published short stories. His solo novels include nine about US Marines in Vietnam (he was one), the DemonTech fantasy series, and a vampire novel, The Hunt. With Dan Cragg, he has written the Starfist military science fiction series, its spinoff Starfist: Force Recon, and a Star Wars novel, Jedi Trial. His most recent novels are The Hunt, The Junkyard Dogs, and Double Jeopardy, the fourteenth in the Starfist series. He lives in South Florida, and invites readers to visit his website, www.novelier.com.

Elaine Corvidae

Elaine Corvidae has been telling stories about faeries, elves, and dragons since she was a small child.

Her dark fantasy novels have won numerous awards, including multiple Eppie Awards and Dream Realm Awards for Best Fantasy Novel.

When she isn’t wandering the worlds of her imagination, she lives in Harrisburg, NC, with her husband and several cats.

James Chambers

James Chambers “writes stories that are paced fast enough to friction burn a reader's eyeballs,” says Horror Reader.com. His tales of horror, fantasy, and science fiction have been published in Bad-Ass Faeries, Breach the Hull, Crypto-Critters (Volume 1 and 2), Dark Furies, The Dead Walk, The Dead Walk Again, Hardboiled Cthulhu, Lin Carter’s Anton Zarnak Supernatural Detective, No Longer Dreams, Sick: An Anthology of Illness, Weird Trails, and Warfear as well as the magazines Bare Bone, Cthulhu Sex, and Allen K’s Inhuman. His short story collection, with illustrator Jason Whitley, The Midnight Hour: Saint Lawn Hill and Other Tales, was published in 2005. His website is ww.jameschambersonline.com.

John L. French

John L. French is a crime scene supervisor with the Baltimore Police Department Crime Laboratory. In 1992 he began writing crime fiction, basing his stories on his experiences on the streets of what some have called one of the most dangerous cities in the country. His books include The Devil of Harbor City, Souls on Fire, Past Sins and (with Patrick Thomas) Mystic Investigators: Bullets and Brimstone. He is the editor of Bad Cop: No Donut which features tales of police behaving badly.


4 1/4 Stars

An amazing combination of themes that adhere to certain basic tenets of faery-lore (especially the abhorrence of cold iron) yet explore a myriad of variations.

ELF -- Night Owl Reviews

5 stars

This anthology will delight those who love the fae, and those looking something out of their normal expectations. It leaves the readers hungry for more, and anticipating what the Bad-Ass series will come up with next!

Heather Krantz -- Forever Is A Long Time
Coming Soon...